TRENDING: A shift towards retraining and up-skilling existing employees


TRENDING: A shift towards retraining and up-skilling existing employees




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In each issue of Orange Squid’s newsletter, we include a short piece on something which is trending in the world of business. We are now including these as part of our Blog so you will see them inter-dispersed among our strategy, innovation and organisational psychology articles.

Depending on which study or prediction you look at, as Gen Z enters the workforce, somewhere between 45% and 70% of the jobs which will need to be filled, are yet to exist. This has put an enormous focus on the future needs of employee training, in terms of both approaches and facilities/technologies. A recent IBM study found that employee training is increasingly a huge factor when it comes to organisational performance. In their study, in the best performing companies, 84% of employees were receiving the training which they need whereas in the lowest-performing ones, only 16% were.

Expect to see a big ramp up in employee training and upskilling in the very near future in organisations spanning every sector. Many high-performing organisations are already investigating their approaches, technologies and facilities for implementation. Does your organisation have a clear plan?

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