Strategy Development

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”

- Michael Porter

There’s an old saying in strategy: You can have anything you want, you just can’t have everything you want. As an organisational strategy consulting firm, we see a lot of strategies. Unfortunately, they are typically either basically cluttered-up task lists or are so high-level that they’re hopelessly ambiguous. We can help you develop tactics at the perfect level of abstraction, so it’s as relevant to the executive team as it is to employees in the grad program. And, of course, everyone in between.

How a strategy consulting firm helps

When it comes to strategy development, our approach is clear.

We don’t ‘develop and deliver’ your strategy. Instead, we facilitate a best-practice process to support you in developing a modern, innovative, actionable and measurable plan. This is what will set your organisation up for success.

We provide the best-practice robust process, the expert guidance throughout the process, the nudges you need to really stretch your thinking, and all the stress testing along the way too. That means you get all the support you need, but you don’t have to put up with any of the ‘we-know-it-all’ consulting style approaches that give organisation strategy experts a bad name!

Leveraging our innovation expertise and a people-focused approach (our resident organisational psychologist plays a key role in strategic development activities) we ensure that your strategy:

Is developed via a proven, robust best-practice established process;

Is actionable and engaging for ALL employees;

Is innovative and focuses on putting the organisation ahead of the curve (rather than just being more of the same but with aggressive efficiency targets!); and

Has a clear execution plan baked right into it

We’re proud to be one of the preferred strategy consulting firms for Sydney, Melbourne and the rest of Australia. For robust strategy development that capitalises on organisational opportunities and gives you a competitive advantage, talk to Orange Squid.