Transformation & Change Management Masterclass

Create an environment in which change thrives

The number one reason so many programs on managing change fail is they ignore one of the keys to successful change: managing peoples’ psychological responses to change. In this Change Management Masterclass, you’ll learn about the human side of change, how to manage the psychological response to change, how to work with resistance and how to set up for change success. Change is ‘the new normal’. Make sure you know how to lead it.

What’s included in our masterclass for change management?

The secret to a successful transformation is “people”. Equip yours with the right tools for managing change.

From incremental to radical changes, a company’s vision isn’t always executed as planned. Usually, this doesn’t fall down to a lack of technical skills, but an inability to lead people through change. An Orange Squid masterclass teaches you everything you need to know about managing change. Learn how to encourage a more influential leadership style, build resilience and motivate the company as a whole, all while keeping disruption to a minimum.

This Change Management Masterclass can run from one hour up to half a day. Just let us know what works for you. You’ll learn about:

The human side of change; the inner psychological processes people go through when change is presented to them

The biggest traps change management programs fall into and how to guard yourself against these traps

How to manage the different stages people go through effectively as they internalise and come to terms with the new situation that the change brings about

How to apply a framework and tools that enable you to help people successfully embrace change

How to lead a successful change or transformation

In just half a day or less, you can put the tools for managing change into the hands of your organisation’s leaders. Contact Orange Squid to make successful transformations a reality.