Innovation Workshops & Training

“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.”

- Henry Ford

Foster a culture of innovative thinking within your organisation. Innovation training workshops are designed to encourage your team to look for novel ways to approach challenges, implement ideas with agility, and streamline processes. All our workshops and training programs are developed based on best-practice principles, methodologies, research, and practices used by the world’s most forward-thinking organisations. Led by one of our founding partners, an organisational psychologist, our sessions are designed to maximise learnings amongst a wide range of participants and learning styles. We facilitate concise, focused sessions that develop “brick-on-brick” learning, culminating with important, strategically placed ‘a-ha’ moments. Oh, and we’ve perfected those all-important fun and interesting aspects to keep your corporate workshop engaging.

How our innovation training programs work

Cutting-edge methodologies that develop cutting-edge thinking.

Our workshops encourage your team to explore outside of their comfort zone and break old thought patterns. 

At Orange Squid, we’re known for making cutting-edge, best-practice methodologies accessible, engaging and practical. We deliver exceptional innovation training that meets the very specific needs of your organisation, with content perfectly aligned with your objectives. We run everything from half-day workshops up to multi-day, comprehensive training programs and boot camps (and everything in between).

Orange Squid’s interactive innovation training workshops and programs are the perfect solution to help you:

Inspire, educate and motivate your team

Train teams in how to apply best-practice methods and embrace a customer obsession

Build your dream-team of innovation champions

Solve specific organisational problems or challenges, and achieve growth or development targets

Take the next step in your industry before your competition does

Understand your customers’ needs at a level you never thought possible, and build richer, stronger and deeper relationships with them

Develop out-of-the-box solutions to systemic issues across your team, department or marketplace

Build an innovative culture in your organisation from the inside out. Talk to Orange Squid about running corporate innovation training that makes a positive lasting impact.