Strategy Workshops

“A strategy is like a lever that magnifies force.”

- Richard Rumelt

When you want to create a robust, effective and actionable organisational strategy, you’ll probably engage in a Strategy Development process. But is that always enough? Bringing in a strategy workshop facilitator could be the key to getting your whole team on board and unlocking organisational growth. Orange Squid designs engaging organisational strategy workshops that yield tangible, actionable outputs. Whether you want to achieve leadership alignment, refine existing objectives, align on the specificity of actions, cascade activities, set metrics, or something else strategy-related, we keep you ahead of the curve in an ever-changing world.

What’s included in an organisational strategy workshop?

Strategy workshops that prioritise tangible outputs over just conversations.

Too many organisational strategy workshops just result in “great conversations” or “robust discussions”, but completely fail to yield genuine alignment and tangible outputs. One primary reason for this is that strategy is an easy thing to agree on at a high level. However, achieving real alignment at the right level of abstraction and specificity – with tangible outputs – requires finely tuned strategy workshop facilitation skills around best-practice strategy development.

Our strategy workshops provide:

Expert Guidance

We give you all the expert guidance you need to really stretch your thinking and stress test your approaches where necessary, whilst ensuring that it’s your team that makes the decisions. We are facilitators of a best-practice, robust process; we don’t pretend we know more about your organisation and environment than you do, but we’ll help you get the most out of yourselves

Established processes

We follow proven, best-practice established processes

Tangible Outcomes

We are obsessively focused on tangible, actionable outcomes

Maximising Impact

We work within the constrained environment in which you operate (yes, every organisation is constrained!) to ensure that the impact of strategy is always maximised

Stop getting lost in the daily to-dos and get your entire team focused on the future. Discover why our strategy workshops are ground for inspiration and innovation. Get in touch today.