Organisational Transformation

Empower your people to transform your organisation

Transforming an organisation is complex but essential. It requires a focus on the functional as well as the emotional sides of change. The processes, resources and operating models, as well as psychological safety, emotional support and people’s ability to learn and let go make or break an organisational transformation. This is where our expertise in organisational psychology and strategy truly comes together. Let us help your people ignite unstoppable change, through our cutting-edge take on organisational transformation and change management.

How organisational change and transformation works

The practical and emotional sides of organisational transformation.

Tap into the best organisational psychology and strategy methodologies. We can shape our organisational change development and transformation programs around you, whether you just need help getting set up for success, or would like guidance every step of the way. Simply let us know if you’d like us to get hands-on throughout the whole process, put our focus on specific steps, or take a purely high-level facilitation approach.

A typical process follows these 6 steps:


We help you articulate and get alignment (at the right levels of abstraction) on your compelling case for what the change (vision) is, what its objectives are, and why it needs to happen


With clarity on the objectives, we help you record a baseline to assess the organisation’s change readiness, along with an assessment of its current performance levels in terms of the objectives


We help you find the perfect balance between developing a clear, comprehensive plan and ensuring the detail doesn’t detract from opportunities for innovation, iteration or a sense of ownership


We’ll support you in the implementation of the transformation, setting up an internal transition team, and ensuring people are guided through their change response to adopt new behaviours and mindsets effectively


Throughout the transformation process (and for many organisations, year on year after implementation) we’ll help you make data-driven decisions about which might areas need more attention, and how overall progress is tracking


We’ll help you to keep momentum and motivation high by designing (and helping you reward!) quick wins, signalling success and progress towards achieving the transformation vision

Empower your employees and watch how their performance and commitment grow. Contact Orange Squid to benefit from organisational change and transformation, year after year.