Change Audit

Is your organisation ready for change?

Change happens - is your organisation set up to handle it? An Organisational Change Audit makes sure of it, so you can take advantage of continuous opportunities to evolve as market demands shift. We’ve combined the latest findings in organisational psychology, behavioural science and strategy to develop the Change-Readiness Audit. This audit will help you understand exactly where to focus your efforts to get your organisation prepared to embrace change.

How an Organisational Change Audit works

Decode change for your organisation, minimise risk and reap the benefits.

Get clarity on what your specific change blockers (and drivers!) are. Are you preparing for a transformation or change, or in the midst of rolling out a change initiative? Either way, a Change Audit by Orange Squid keeps your finger on the pulse to make sure change actually happens - and sticks. You will also receive best-practice recommendations, bespoke for your organisation, to help you to (continue to) make change progress, and embed growth into the DNA of your business.

An Orange Squid Change Readiness audit comprises 4 key elements:

Change-Readiness Questionnaire

A tried and tested, robust, proven mechanism for uncovering the organisation’s change readiness status on ten key dimensions

Deep exploratory interviews

Used to gain organisational (strategic) context, as well as a deeper understanding of an organisation’s culture, its history with change, its capacity for change (and leading change), and the impact of change on multiple levels.

Distillation of audit insights and benchmarking

Combining the quantitative data outputs with the qualitative data, to provide benchmarking across multiple dimensions, along with digestible, clear, and actionable insights.

Delivery, presentation & recommendations

Our audit report which includes all the insights, accompanied by a full recommendations report. In the report, you’ll find specific, actionable recommendations, and multiple action plan options.

Make sure internal and external changes benefit your organisation business. Contact Orange Squid to book an Organisational Change Audit today.