Innovation Audit

“Most people use statistics the way a drunkard uses a lamp post, more for support than illumination”

- Mark Twain

Get clarity on your organisation’s innovation performance. A Business Innovation Audit is an analysis of your capacity to innovate - it could be the tool your organisation needs to spot missed opportunities for growth. Get an understanding of how your business can use innovation to deliver on strategic objectives, and an invaluable baseline benchmark measurement to ensure innovation performance is always transparent.

What’s included in an Innovation Audit?

More than just a current state temperature check.

How innovative is your organisation? Get the answer based on data, not guesswork, so you can develop projects around your specific needs without wasting resources.

Each dimension is analysed against best practices, and a roadmap along with tailored recommendations is provided to push your organisation’s innovation progress forward. An Orange Squid Organisation Innovation Audit comprises 4 key elements:

An Innovation Questionnaire

A tried and tested, robust mechanism for uncovering your organisation’s status on key elements across each focus area.

Deep exploratory interviews

Gaining clarity on organisational strategic context, as well as a deeper understanding of the imperatives and objectives of the broader innovation agenda.

Distillation of audit insights and benchmarking

Combining the quantitative data outputs with the qualitative data, to provide benchmarking across multiple dimensions, along with digestible, clear, and actionable insights to improve innovation performance.

Delivery, presentation & recommendations

We provide an audit report which includes all insights, accompanied by a full recommendations report. They contain specific, actionable recommendations, and multiple action plan options.

Get a clear picture of the strength of your innovation efforts and learn how you can stay ahead of the market. Get in touch to arrange your Organisation Innovation audit.