Organisational Design

Develop your optimal organisational design

Whether you have launched a new strategy, you’ve grown out of your current structure or there is something else driving change – transforming your structures, processes and the way you work will be critical in ensuring you achieve your organisational goals.

How it works

Having the right structure, along with the right operating model in place to support your strategy, ensures your organisation is set up to achieve its goals.

But getting this right is about so much more than shifting reporting lines around. Processes, the way work flows, and people’s behaviour are all core foundations which underpin impactful organisational design.

To ensure you’re set up for success, we will facilitate a best-practice process, in which you make the decisions and we guide you through an innovative approach that will stretch your thinking.

These are the 5 steps we’ll typically take our clients through:


We help you get clarity on what it is you are ultimately trying to achieve – at the right level of specificity – and what the design guiding principles will therefore apply.


We go deep, to analyse what is currently working, what isn’t, and why. We get clarity on what the blockers (and drivers!) will be for success


We facilitate a best-practice process and use all the inputs to take an innovative approach towards co-designing your draft organisational design.


We help you to build robustness into the design by stress testing and iterating the structures, the workflow, and the operating model until it’s right


We give you all the recommendations you need to implement your new design successfully