The Pivot Your Organisation Needs Right Now


The Pivot Your Organisation Needs Right Now




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As the world begins to re-emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown, there really is something which you organisation cannot afford to postpone!

Watch the 90 second video below and then answer the 5 Critical Questions here to receive key recommendations to ensure that you organisation emerges from COVID-19 as a success story.


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Click here to answer the 5 Critical Questions and we will send you key recommendations to ensure that you organisation emerges from COVID-19 as a success story.

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Before this pandemic, your organisation had a strategy. Obviously, things have changed and your strategy is not exactly right for the current and emerging world. But, now is definitely not time to throw the baby out with the bathwater either. What is required now is NOT a whole new strategy; but a strategic pivot.

A strategic pivot is required because a new world is emerging. Things will be different – they already are! But you also had – before the crisis – a sound strategy in place. So this is a pivot, not a complete rebuild.

Now, outdated strategy development processes were already unfit for purpose in the modern world even before this crisis took hold. But now more than ever, you need an innovative approach to making an essential pivot in your organisational strategy.

The good news is that there are proven, best-practice approaches to making this kind of strategic pivot which don’t require long, drawn out processes. In fact, they can be surprisingly efficient. To see what a strategic pivot might look like for your organisation, simply answer the 5 questions here, and you’ll get a quick 1 pager on what this could look like for your organisation.

Whatever you do, don’t pretend that things haven’t fundamentally changed – they have – and of course this actually provides an unprecedented opportunity for those organisations that pivot their strategies to seize it.

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