Dynamic Workshops & Training Programs – all via Video Conferencing!


Dynamic Workshops & Training Programs – all via Video Conferencing!



If progress is being held up because you think you can’t build capability in your staff or that you can’t run innovation workshops without face to face interaction – think again.

With increased remote working you actually have a unique window of time where you can make significant progress in terms of up-skilling staff, and now more than ever strategically focused innovation will be critically important.

We understand that normal online training over existing platforms is not fit for purpose, but by utilising a professional studio and leading streaming technology we are able to run dynamic workshops, training and even board meetings which allow for high levels of participant interaction and engagement.

Take a look at the video below and get in touch to find out how your organisation could benefit from genuinely dynamic online Workshops & Training Programs.


The Orange Squid team

Orange Squid is a strategy and innovation consultancy which operates at the intersection of best-practice strategy, innovation and organisational psychology.

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Get in touch!

Or, if you can’t watch the video – check out some of the Digital Delivery info here:

There are plenty of good reasons for why video conferencing has traditionally been avoided for workshops, ideation/brainstorming sessions, and training programs. But as we know, creativity loves a constraint, and the constraints of the COVID-19 crisis have driven some very exciting new capabilities at Orange Squid!

We are now utilising some amazing studio technology so that we can deliver online sessions which are dynamic, interactive, and super-engaging for participants. We have now run strategy development workshops with exec teams, ideation workshops with up to 50 participants, interactive training programs, and even a facilitated board meeting – all thought the use of technology which creates an entirely different experience for participants.

The days of watching boring webinars where you stare at slides on a screen with a tiny box in the corner showing the presenter in his kitchen while the dog barks in the background are behind us! You don’t need to have your iPad on Netflix to keep you awake while your next boring training session is being run over zoom.

Thanks to great technology (and some engaging presenters if we do say so ourselves) we can deliver your next interactive, dynamic, and engaging session entirely digitally!

We look forward to seeing you on our enormous participant screen soon!

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