7 Great Australian Start-ups Pushing Boundaries in Business Innovation


7 Great Australian Start-ups Pushing Boundaries in Business Innovation



A growing number of businesses are being launched each year and the Australian startup ecosystem is growing into its role as a site of positive change for everyday Australians. At Orange Squid, we’re innovation obsessed, and we wanted to take a moment to talk about some Australian startups that have got us excited. 

Whether it pushes rapid growth, fills an emerging need, or addresses a potential future problem, each of these innovative companies is doing something special to push the boundaries of what good business can do for the lives it touches. 

Innovation comes in many different forms, and Orange Squid is Australia’s No. 1 strategic innovation firm. Our cutting edge innovation consultancy has seen companies across Australia realise their potential as sites of business innovation and positive change. Read on here to find out more about what we think are the seven startups pushing boundaries and taking Australia forward.

Academy Xi

Academy Xi provides short, practical and skill specific educational online courses and workshops, designed to help emerging digital talent grow quickly in their capabilities. Product of the efforts of co-founders Charbel Zeaiter and Ben Wong, The growth of Academy Xi has tessellated well with the emergence of Australia as a centre for business innovation and digital transformation. At Orange Squid, we see their efforts to give more entrepreneurs and innovators access to relevant educational content as being vital to the continued growth of Australia’s entrepreneurial talent and innovative capacities.


LegalVision are a fast-growing legal firm that have honed in on the gaps that many startups feel in their launch and growth phases. With a view to providing practical, up to date and cost-effective legal advice to those startups unsure about the big scary world of law and legal matters, LegalVision has become a pillar of the Australian startup ecosystem. Their LegalVision Startup Manual has become essential reading for those founders looking for guidance on complex but common legal matters. 


hayylo are a Melbourne based startup operating in the aged, disability and home health care spaces. Their cloud-based communications platform is purpose built to enhance service coordination in the provision of care. The ongoing Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety has seen the need for greater efficiency, transparency and coordination become apparent. hayylo has been a leader in the push to develop these characteristics in forward thinking provider organisations, facilitating positive changes in an industry that truly needs them.


Ablelink is another Melbourne based startup working to better the lives of vulnerable Australians. Following the initial legislative establishment of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), some pressing questions emerged as to how the influx of funding was going to be best managed. 

With the NDIS expected to be in full swing across Australia by the close of 2020, Ablelink has emerged as an independent provider of support coordination. Helping ensure that those who receive financial support are able to use that funding effectively to not only get by, but to thrive.


CoinJar is one of Australia’s longest running digital currency exchanges. Their products are all designed with the view to making digital currencies readily accessible to a much wider section of the Australian public. With the use of their CoinJar Swipe debit card, and CoinJar Touch app, more users and small businesses and innovative companies around Australia are being granted an easy and secure way to trade in digital currencies.

Wave Swell Energy

Wave Swell Energy is a startup that is revolutionising the production of sustainable energy. Utilising a proprietary technology, the brainchild of athlete, inventor and scientist, Tom Denniss, WSE have found a way to circumvent the issues facing conventional sea-floor energy production.

WSE makes use of something called an oscillating water column. This technology makes it possible to capture wave energy with the use of a surface floating vehicle that doesn’t entail the prohibitive maintenance costs of at-depth units. WSE’s 200kW wave energy project in King Island has drawn the attention of the United States Department of Energy and we see big things ahead for WSE and the business of clean energy.

Sprout Stack

Sprout Stack is a Sydney based eco-friendly agricultural tech startup that is taking food production indoors. Using shipping containers fitted out with automated irrigation systems and energy-efficient LED lighting. Sprout Stack has made it possible to grow high-quality nutritious produce year-round.

We love what Sprout Stack is making possible, and they’ve been a key founding participant in the newly established Future Food Systems Cooperative Research Centre. An organisation fuelling research into how Australia can best supply our growing population in the years to come.

Develop your innovative potential with Orange Squid

At Orange Squid, we are all about providing businesses with the tools they need to develop their potential for innovation. If you have found yourself looking for ways to encourage innovation in your organisation, look to us at Orange Squid.

Our consultancy services designed to spot and capitalise on ways that your business can become an innovative organisation. We facilitate innovation workshops that will equip your workforce with the tools to find new approaches and new ways of enacting your business in the booming Australian startup landscape.

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